About BellaLine

We are a fully service interior design firm based in Nairobi,specialized in custom interior design for residences including full scale remodels, office design, hospitality design,planning. We pride ourselves in providing the most beautiful, artistic yet practical environments that are unique to each client’s budget and needs. We provide guidance through the entire design process whether you are simply purchasing furniture or completely gutting and remodeling an entire building


To be a world class interior construction company committed to quality & timely Delivery.


To provide quality finishes to Kenyan people and global community through unique creation, cutting edge finishes,utilization of knowledge, entrepreneurship skills and community service development to all.

What we do

  1. Interior construction.
  2. Interior design 2D, 3D and costing.
  3. Consultancy on space utilization
  4. All corporate and residential interiors.
  5. Renovations.